How to play HJ spilt movie file

There are a lot of movies uploaded in different file sharing community which are splitted by HJ split.
 To be able to play this play you need to download all file and join them together.
If you are not as patient as most of us there is a way to play each split file seperately.
Usually an hj splitted file have an .001 , .002,.003 etc. extension.
 For example: mymovie.av1.001 , as you can see the movie is an avi file which is splitted by HJ split. 
To be able to play it remove the “.oo1” extension by renaming it.After doing so, you can play it using GOM player.

  Gom player

HJ Split

This often happen to me, I have a file which i want to send to a  friend but the problem is, it is too big for attachment.
 So, the solution is to upload it to a file sharing site or use HJ split.
HJ Split is a small program which you do not need to install, it is an executable file.Just download it and use it.
How to use it:
1. First download the Hj split program .
2. Then unzip it/ run the file.
3. Click Split.
4. Input the file to be split and adjust the “file split size” according to your preference.
 5. Click start.
6. You can now send the file to your friend. Advice him to use HJ split to join the files. Usually file splitted will have an extenision “.001, .002, .003 etc”.  hjsplit