Original Black XS Paco Rabanne perfume

Black XS have a fruity smell, mild , it reminds me of the smell of ripe kasuy/ cashew don’t know why.  I bought this because one of my girl friend like the smell when we tested it. Knowing her to be very maarte about perfumes and hard to pleased in terms of scent so I bought it. Continue reading “Original Black XS Paco Rabanne perfume”

Original 212 VIP Carolina Herrera perfume

Counterfeited 212 VIP Carolina Herrera  cologne / perfume  is prevalent and it is such a waste of money if you fall victim for it. There are a few things to remember in buying perfume so you won’t be a victim of fake perfume.

1. If the price is too cheap then you are buying a cheap imitation.

2. Faded color of box,  misspelled words, impurities inside the bottles- fake.

3. If there is no official receipt with BIR tax number and complete address then the possibility the item being a fake  perfume is likely.

4.  If it is not sealed and without distributors sticker/address, then it is possible fake. Continue reading “Original 212 VIP Carolina Herrera perfume”

How to know fake Versace Eros perfume from original

There are a lot of fake perfume in the market to the point that the price they are offering is almost one tenth of  the original price of the perfume. If you see this kind of perfume with a tag price which is rock bottom then the probability that it is a fake is highly possible. But how about those perfumes from online seller who is selling it for half the price or almost the same price as you see in high end malls, how could we spot whether it is a fake or not? Continue reading “How to know fake Versace Eros perfume from original”