Schindlex Malditinni – Cosplayer

Schindlex Malditinni – Cosplayer


After a long search, I have now the name of the Cosplayer who cosplayed Lara Croft – Tomb raider in Comicon 2011 and Toycon 2011.

The pretty lady is Miss Schindlex Malditinni… what a name. Okay, I know the name but how do I pronounce it… hehehe…

Here again the pictures of her … And do please check her facebook account and youtube channel.

 The girl also Rocks!!!

 Lara croft -comicon 2011


 Schindlex Malditinni

 Toycon 2011 -Lara Croft

 Toycon 2011- tomb raider

 toycon 2011 Tomb raider


Here is her FB and Youtube channel


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