LRT –EDSA CR not for public use!

LRT –EDSA CR not for public use!!!

I have noticed that the restroom in EDSA-LRT is now for personnel use only. They even have a post there telling the public to use the CR’s of Metropoint.  First of all, LRT is a government facility and its first priority should be the public! Taxes and fares are being stripped from the public and yet they can’t deliver basic services like clean restroom.

It is very idiotic that they recommend people  to go to a nearby facility which opens at 10 am. What if it is only 7 am and you need to use the restroom? You need to wait until the mall opens?

Sana nagkamali lang ako ng basa at ang ibig pala nilang sabihin meron pang isang restroom for the public na malapit sa Metropoint but within LRT pa rin.

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