God said, “I made a man”

by Jose Garcia Villa

God said, “I made a man out of clay-

But so bright he, he spun Himself to the brightest Day

Till he was all shining gold, and oh,

He was handsome to behold!

But in his hands held he a bow

Aimed at me who created him.

And said, “Wouldst murder me

Who am thy Fountainhead?”

Then spole he the man of gold:

I will not Murder thee! I do but Measure thee.

Hold Thy peace!”

And this I did, But I was curious of this so regal head.

“Give thy name! – “Sir! Genius.”



by Ernesto Manalo

And I wanted them all around me and I

gathered them:

My brother (my keeper), my wife, my mother

and my father.

My father said: I will stand by and watch over


My wife slept beside me.

My brother watched over me.

And my mother was my spiritual keeper.

And I said: You who thus watch over me will get no reward

But that I shall sleep peacefully.

And they said: We shall watch over you and

get no reward

But that you shall sleep peacefully.

Someone Behind This Life

Someone Behind This Life

by: Alfonso Santos

Not with my eyes can I behold your form,

Nor with my hands can I feel you nearby;

Yet I believe there is Someone, a power

Behind this life, the stars, the mountains, and the sea.

Within my heart I feel something urgent and potent every day and night,

And in my soul there is nameless depth,

Around which cluster my faith and beliefs.

It must be You who dwell deep in my soul and You

Who feed this life and make nature itself renew.

My Humps -Math is fun!

[youtube aZFdoDRk3mY]

My Humps

lyrics by:lambchopchoppy

How you gonna derive all that junk
All that junk inside that graph?
M: I’ma get get get get that done
Get that point’s slope off that hump.
T: My hump my hump / my hump my hump my hump / my hump my hump my hump,
My concave upward hump (Check it out)

M: I’m lookin’ at the function
I see that it’s a fraction
Bust out my quotient rule
Cuz girl I ain’t no fool
Bottom multiplied by
Derivative of the top and I
do the vice versa
Subtract them from each other
Divide by bottom’s squared
Set it to zero there
Solve for x then we go
with numbers that are critical
Find numbers that surround it
Plug back into derivative
Increasing or decreasing
Means positive or negative to find
T: My max, my max, my max
I find a min or max
My hump my hump my hump
My humps they got you
M: She’s got me graphin’
A: (Oh) graphin’ all your functions for me and doing homework for me.
M: She’s got me graphin’
A: (Oh) graphin’ all your functions for me, all for me, for me. Continue reading “My Humps -Math is fun!”