Paolo Bediones part 5 video?

Another video of Mr. Paolo Bediones is circulating the net and this time it is not Angel Guiterrez!  So, who is the girl in the Paolo Bediones video part 5? The file name of the video is pb5.mp4 and it is almost 5 minutes long, 4 minutes and 52 seconds to be exact.

The girl knew she is being video recorded, she even said ” ang daya ako lang ang nakikita” and true to her word you cannot see the face of Paolo Bediones in the video “

Paolo Bediones video Part 3

As of today  forums and social media is buzzing about the third installment of  the Paolo Bediones video.  The Paolo Bediones video part 3 is around 4 minute long and file name is pb3.mp4 .

Paolo Bediones partner in this video is the same as the previous one, Angel Guiterrez.