Raising pigeons for squabs

Raising pigeons for squabs

By: Dr. Elpidio C. Coligado

Question: What are pigeons? Squabs?

Answer: The pigeon is a species bearing the scientific name Columba livia linn. It is also referred to as Dove. The Pilipino (tagalong) term is “kalapati”.

The squab is the young of the pigeon which is the equivalent term for the chick of the chicken. It is also termed  “pitson” in the tagalong region. The term squab or “pitson” sometimes refers specifically to the stage when pigeons are ready to be taken out from the nest and slaughtered for food. The squab is considered as one of the most expensive meat delicacies highly valued by the Chinese.


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Kalapati business / pigeon business

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Kalapati business / pigeon business

Pigeon can be classified as utility/meat type or fancy type.

Example of a meat type pigeon is the white king, while fancy type includes fan tail, old german, carrier, and capuchine.

Housing could be 2 by 2 feet with a nestbox with a dimension of 8 inches length by 10 width by 3 inches deep.

Breeding: When they pair they are placed in their own housing to allow to mate. Incubation period of the pigeon egg is about 17 days. A pigeon will lay about 2 egg per day. Usually, pigeon care for their young alternately.

Pigeon could be feed with pigeon pellet, corn, and concentrates.