Citrus Nursery – part 4

Bag Preparation


Make holes into the transplanting bags for drainage. When you perforate the bags, space the holes to make sure that the drainage is not impaired in any part of the medium.


For larger bags, bore the holes beginning from the lower half of the bag downward. The lowest line of holes should be placed at the base of the filled bag. This could be determined by filling the bag enough medium to let it stand. The point which forms the edge of the base is the right place to position the holes equally distanced from each other.


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Citrus Nursery part 3

What Nursery Practices are Done at the BNCRDC?


Seedbed / Seed Box Preparation


The porosity of sowing media should be lower at least by half than that of potting media. This is to ensure good drainage and prevent fungal build up. Pure sphagnum moss and coir dust are good examples of sowing media.


If you prefer a seedbed to a seed box, prefer the media first. After the media has been prepared, elevate the bed at least 15-20 cm (6-8 in) to prevent flooding that may cause contamination.


It is more convenient to use seed boxes because the media can be easily prepared. Furthermore, seed boxes could be easily elevated or carried to the shade when necessary.


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Citrus Nursery – part 2

Pathogen Status


Young citrus trees are sensitive to a number of root pathogens but the main problem in the nursery is the control of Phytophtora spp. Thus, use a new site to establish your citrus nursery. When possible, drench the soil with copper, fumigate the soil or burn dried leaves on the surface.


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Citrus Nursery – Part 1

Citrus Nursery Establishment and Management


The demand for citrus plant material in the Cordilleras has boomed in the last 5 years. Because of this demand, some farmers who have started their small-scale nurseries have realized the economic potential of commercial citrus nursery. This realization has encouraged growers into expanding to commercial-scale nurseries without taking the necessary precautions. Reckless management will surely shorten the life of the nursery and may even result in big investment losses.


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