Agrilink and ACEF

Achieving Unity in Agriculture Through Agrilink and ACEF

By: Dulce L. Gozon


Party-list Leonila V.Chavez led a party of convenors last October 4,2007 to launch a drive of the Agricultural Competitive Enhancement Fund (ACEF). True to her dream, here is a chance to unify agriculture through ACEF. It can also use Agrilink as a vehicle for unity.

Former Congessman Angelito Sarmiento and Mayor of San Jose Del Monte City also dreams of unity.

Congresswomen Lorna Silverio of Bulacan, Herminia Roman of Bataan, Rachelle Arenas of Pangasinan, Marivic Sy Alvarado of Bulacan, Congressman Arturo Robes of San Jose Del Monte City, all gave their support for unity in agriculture. Pushing for ACEF became their battlecry. Senator Ed Angara, Chairman of the Senate Committee of Agriculture in his letter dated October 3 said: “I strongly urge for the extension of this program to help our agricultural sector become globally competitive”. Continue reading “Agrilink and ACEF”