Orchis strateumatica Linn.

Spiranthes strateumatica Lindl.

Adenostylis integerrima Blume

Pterygodium sulcatum Roxb.

Tripleura pallida Lindl.

Zeurine emarginata Lindl.

Zeaurine integerrina Lindl.

Zeaurine membranacea Lindl.

Corycium humile Herb.

Neottia strateumatica R. Br.

Zeaurine bracteata Wight

Zeaurine brevifolia Wight.

Zeaurine robusta Wight.

Zeaurine tripleura Lindl.

Zeaurine procumbens Blume

Zeaurine strateumatica Schltr.

Zeaurine sp.


This orchid is found in the forests at low altitudes in Mindanao (Misamis and Agusan Provinces). It also occurs in Afghanistan, India, Ceylon, the Malay Peninsula, China, Assam, Japan, Java, and Amboina. Continue reading “ADENOSTYLIS STRATEUMATICA”