Philippine Mango Ice Cream Roll

Philippine Mango Sweetest in the world

Although Mango originated in India , i could say that the Philippine Mango is the pride and joy of our country. It is sweet when ripe and sour and flavorful when unripe. Mango and Ice cream roll is a good combination.

Cebu pacific seat sale promo

Have you seen the promo of cebu pacific Halloweee seat sale period up to october 31 2013…

There was a technical/ clerical error on the break down of price  specifically on Manila  to busan or incheon

Manila to busan seat sale

A extra zero was added on the end of the value

Huli ka balbon

Huli ka balbon


Ano nga ba ang ibig sabihin ng term na “ Huli ka balbon”?  Kung hihimayin natin ang mga salitang ito ang “huli ka” ay tumutukoy sa isang sitwasyon na kung saan may ginawa ang isang tao na hindi ka nainis nainis  o palihim o kaya ikaw ay nagtatago ngunit sa kasawiang palad ito ay iyong nakita o may nakadiskubre sa iyo  sa inglis caught in the act  ba. Ang balbon naman ay tumutukoy sa labis o malagong at mahabang pagtubo ng buhok. Continue reading “Huli ka balbon”

Sun and Smart merger bad for consumer?

This is my personal opinion and experience…

I am a Sun cellular postpaid customer for about 8 years . I am one of those people who was enticed to be a postpaid customer although service wise during that days  sun cellular sucks big time… If you would make a sun to sun call every 15 minutes your call will be cut off, weak signals are the only consistent part of their service, a lot of delayed messages and if you call customer service it would take eternity too be accommodated.

As years goes by services and perks improve year in and year out.  Due to these improvements and loyal customer base competitors are afraid of them.  As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them then buy them which what Smart cellular did. Continue reading “Sun and Smart merger bad for consumer?”