Corn Growing

Production Guide on Corn




Open Pollinated Varieties


Soil Testing

Soil sample will be collected before plowing for soil analysis. If the soil pH is less than 5.3 limin hould be done to raise the desired soil pH (5.3- 5.5) This will be done one month before planting by broadcasting and followed by plowing to incorporate in the soil.


Land Preparation

The land should be thoroughly prepare by two plowings and harrowings.

Minimum tillage is also recommend by one plowing and glyphosphate + ammonium sulfate application

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Watermelon farming

Watermelon Planting

Cultural Requirements

Land preparation

The field should be thoroughly prepardd by alternate plowing and harrowing. It must be pulverized and leveled. If the soil pH is lower than 5.8 lime is applied one month before sowing at the rate of 3 tons/ha. Furrows are spaced at 1.5 meters apart. Continue reading “Watermelon farming”

How to plant guapple

Guapple is a non-seasonal or everbearing variety with an extra large size fruit which attracts some people from Negros province. It weighs an average of 400 to 1000 grams per fruit. It produces thich and white fleshed fruit but with bland taste. However, this variety is crispy in flesh texture


The tree excels most other fruit trees in productivity, hardness and adaptability. Its tree type is relatively spreading in growth habit with four-angled branches, leaves are opposite, oblong to elliptical in shape with pointed apex and base which are usually rounded and light green in color. This variety was collected from Thailand.

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