Bananas (also other fruits and vegetables) emits gas called “ethylene.” The presence of this gas inside the enclosed bags when transported for shipment coupled with high temperature hasten the fruit’s ripening process. A food expert devised a new, low-cost treatment for prolonging the storage life of bananas and other fruits and vegetables during transport.


A charcoal-like material was placed inside a plastic bag which absorbs the ethylene gas given off by the bananas. It measures 15 x 15 x 2 cm. and soaked in a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate. Two slices were placed in each plastic bag containing a bunch of banana and tied at both ends with tape.

They were cooled at a constant temperature of 20° C. Those packed in plastic bag without the charcoal-like absorbent ripened in just two weeks. The treated ones remained hard green, as if newly harvested and when the plastic bag was taken off, the fruits ripened normally.


Source: Phil. Farmers’ Journal July 1980

Hot water dip improves banana and mango fruit quality

Hot water dip improves banana and mango fruit quality by Rita T. dela Cruz January-March 2003 Volume 5 no. 1 Source:Bar Digest The banana and the mango industries play an important role in boosting the country’s economic growth. These fruits top all other fruit crops in the country in terms of production area and demand by the domestic and foreign markets. However, problems in packaging and handling continue to hamper the development of these fruit industries. The key to good postharvest handling is careful harvesting. The quality of perishable foods is achieved from the moment they are picked or harvested. From this point, farmers should maintain postharvest conditions so that deterioration is minimized, and quality is at its best. Continue reading “Hot water dip improves banana and mango fruit quality”