Francis Magalona and Abegail Scandal?

Francis M and Abegail Scandal?


There were pictures on the net of Francis Magalona with a certain girl. In the pictures, Francis Magalona and the girl are sweet together. When I said sweet they are kissing on the cheek and in some picture they are embracing each other. Also included in the pictures is a close up photo of two hands with similar wedding ring.  A christening invitation from Francis and Abegail, for their child  Gaile  Francesca Rait. The said christening was held at Kawit, Cavite  last December 28, 2008.

Let us just hold our horses. Francis is a common name and the invitation would be a no bearing . What I mean is if they are really married then why is the invitation named Gaile Francesca Rait instead of Magalona?  Let’s say they are not married still the girl can use the Magalona surname as long as the father have acknowledge, isn’t it? I am not sure but I think they have different wedding ring. In one picture the ring of Francis M is colored gold while the girl is silver, I’m not sure whether it is just because of the camera flash/effect.