Chilling Romance

Chilling Romance

After a tragic accident Yeo ri  gained the ability to see dead people. Not only she gained the ability to see dead people those who are closed to her are hunted by these ghosts. Due to this ability she ostracized herself . Continue reading “Chilling Romance”

Korean Invasion

[youtube LjJgPozGiw0]

I do believe the Korean Invasion started in GAUF (Gregorio Araneta University Foundation).

I say this because during the late 90’s, I remember, groups of Korean Students studying there.

And rumors have it that during that time there is a golf driving range built there just for these Korean students.

Anyway, fast forward, now due to the mass appeal of affordable schooling, cost of living and foreign retirement plan for them, the Philippines has been a favorite destination for the Koreans.

Funny Commercial

[youtube kquiJR3j_5w]

This is a funny commercial it’s a bit old but it’s cute.