Dr. Ramon Barba – Inventor

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Dr. Ramon Barba – Inventor

Inducing flowering in mango by using of potassium nitrate was pioneered by Dr. Ramon Barba. His invention have help a lot of mango farmers. It shows in this video that documenting your work is a must in every breakthrough you made especially if others are trying to patent it.

Frank Andrade – Smallest welding machine

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Inventor Frank Andrade – Smallest welding machine

Another Filipino inventor that makes a fortune in a simple yet brilliant modification in the welding machine. They market their welding machine as the smallest there is and it is only about 1.7 kgs . Just to give you an idea, an ordinary welding machine would weight around 30 kgs. above.

Water Car

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Water Car

Price of oil is all time high and underground reserve is also depleting already. The next alternative and cost effective is using abundant resources that is environmentally friendly.

A Filipino¬† inventor¬† named Daniel Dingel invented a car that runs on water. Although, this technology¬† existed a long time now, I haven’t seen this type of car in the market. When I was young, I have seen a anfra jeep around DOST bicutan and it says on it’s body, this is runned by water. I forgot the exact word by the message is clear that vehicle is runned by water. So, I wonder why this project is now defunct or invisible?

Above is a interview with Mr. Dingel which states why his project is still a project and not a multimillion invention that would help the Philippines.

Philippines World’s Top Importer of Rice

Philippines is the World Top Importer of Rice

The Philippine is considered as an agricultural country but it is the world top importer of rice. It is a bit ironic. Add to the insult is that years back we are the one who teaches our neighboring country about agriculture but today we are the one who is importing agricultural product from them.

Currently the country is importing 2.2 million tons of rice every year (source:goldsea.com). By doing so, the government is shouldering the burden of paying high and selling low. They pay high in the world market and sell it low so our kababayan can afford it.

Due to some alleged hording and unscrupulous pricing the government is now investigating the distributors of NFA rice and will charged accordingly.

picture taken from:nfa.gov.ph