Agro-industrial waste enriches soil for corn

Agro-industrial waste enriches soil for corn
by Rita T. de la Cruz
January-March 2004
Bar Digest

There’ s money in waste. This is an old adage but for the farmers living in Northern Mindanao, this statement becomes a turning point in their agricultural activities as researchers from the Northern Mindanao Integrated Agricultural Research Center (NOMIARC) developed the most recent and effective balanced fertilization program that could turn corn soil from infertile to productive.

Corn is one of the most important agricultural products in Northern Mindanao but due to the infertile soil, most corn growers have to resort to chemical fertilizers to provide the nutrient needed throughout the crop’s growing period. These are expensive and destructive to health and the environment. Moreover, soil acidity has become the most serious constraints for corn growers in Northern Mindanao. Continue reading “Agro-industrial waste enriches soil for corn”