DZMM HACked by LUlzsec?

A torrent file was released by the website of Lulzsec Philippines and the name of the file is DZMM database by Silent Angel.

At first glance the files contains names , degrees and description of news caster, reporters, consultants etc…

Bluehost scammer?

Wayback 2010 i purchased a web  hosting from Bluehost and like any typical web hostings provider the domain name was free as long you purchased a hosting account. Fast forward December 2013 i cancelled my account with them and to my surprise I was billed in my credit card this December 2015 for the domain name. I tried to log in my previous account and it is still active although it state that my hosting account was already expired.  So, contacted their online chat service and asked them why I was billed for the domain name this December 2015 although i have already terminated my account last 2013.

Their customer service replied: Hosting account is cancelled but the domain was set on auto renew so it was renewed automatically. Domain registrations and hosting are two separate services, so the renewal options must be turned off separately. Canceling the hosting services will not affect the renewal settings of the domains you have registered through us. You will continue to have access to your Domain Manager to manage your domain settings, even without active hosting. Continue reading “Bluehost scammer?”

Jamma Harness wiring

If you are into arcade game the word “JAMMA” is essential to your life… JAMMA is an acronym which means Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association, the JAMMA harness is a standardized layout of wiring /connection for arcades.  This system enables manufacturer to cut down the price for manufacturing arcade games because most will be built the same way,  the parts and component would be generic to all except for the mainboard. In a more layman’s term it is like building a desktop computer, you can replace component for most of the parts are plug and play. Continue reading “Jamma Harness wiring”

Hyundai induction cooker review

I often see induction cooker being sold at the mall. They advertise it as safe and cost effective  way of cooking. The probability of explosion due to gas leak is none. No open flame that could trigger accidental fire.  Cooking time is faster because of heat transfer is direct from the induction cooker to the pan itself. The aside from the probability of higher electric bill, although they say it is cheaper compared using LPG, the only drawback I see is that not all pan can be used with this induction cooker. Continue reading “Hyundai induction cooker review”