Andrea Brillante scandal video

The Annaliza child stars name went viral friday morning after an alleged nude video of her while doing “something” circulated the internet. The said video is about 1:35 minutes.

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Azzisa Thalia Enopia NTC Scandal

Another young girl is a victim of a hate post/ hate page. Either a former boyfriend did it or a close friend.

I consider it is a hate page due to the fact that the person who uploaded the pictures made 2 different website with the same content and probably he/she is the same person who is sharing or linking the site on facebook.

I just hope our government will pass stricter penalty against such acts!


Ang EDSA Revolution sa mata ko bilang bata

Ang EDSA Revolution sa mata ko bilang bata…

Bata pa ako nung nangyari ang EDSA revolution , hindi ko alam kung bakit nagkaroon ng EDSA revolution ano ba ito, ano ba ang nangyayari at gaano ba ito kahalaga sa akin.

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Bagito scandal

In the past few days a so called Bagito Scandal video is making wave in the internet.

On the said video you could see a girl which is still in her uniform and a boy doing the “Deed’ with their clothes on in the staircase. Looking at them it seems that both of them are still underage/ minors.¬† Some netizen¬† named the girl and accordingly the guy on the video had committed suicide although all of this is just speculation.

To some extent, looking at the video there are no indication that the people involved are even Filipino.

In other site the video is even named as “Bulacan Sports Complex Scandal”.