Vice Ganda and the Presidentiable

Nanuod ako ng GGV kagabi, ang kanilang guest ay ang mga taong nagfile ng candidacy sa position ng Presidente ng Pilipinas. Ipinakita sa show ni Vice Ganda na masmahirap pa mag apply ng guard kumpara mag apply ng cadidacy ng Presidente ng Pilipinas. Continue reading “Vice Ganda and the Presidentiable”

Model to porn star

What circumstances would lead a very pretty and  promising model to go the path of porno movies? This is the question that lingers to some people that knew her not personally but casually due to her line of work, modelling.  Although she had done some nude modelling but still it is different from porno movie.
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Mambo Magsaysay

Maybe for most Filipino’s who are in their  70’s when asked who is the greatest President they would reply Magsaysay. Magsaysay is the first “Masa President” and maybe he have the greatest campaign jingle in Philippine History, the “Mambo Magsaysay”. For those who are to young or not even born been born during the campaign period of Magsaysay you can still catch the Mambo Magsaysay Jingle at youtube

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Uniqlo, next make-out spot

Uniqlo’s name is very much trending thanks or no thanks to the sex video of two Chinese couple that leaked into the internet. The couple was brave enough show their face  in the video while having sex on the dressing room of Uniqlo. Continue reading “Uniqlo, next make-out spot”