Undercover Boss

I do love to watch undercover boss. I am amazed with how the manager or owners accept changes and opinion from their lowest employee. How the boss create changes for the benefit of their employee and how the employee reacted knowing the person they treated as a apprentice is in fact the owner of the company.

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The audition for the new housemate for Pinoy big Brother or PBB season 6 will at Smart Araneta Coliseum  on March 6 2015  for those who are 18 years old up to 35 years old  and March 7 if you are 13-17 years old. First 10,000 applicant will be accommodated.

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Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap

Quantum leap is an sci-fi show in the late 80’s , it made Scott Bakula an instant Geek/Nerd icon.   A proof of him being a geek /nerd icon until this day is his inclusion as the father of Chuck and inventor of “the intersect “ in the hit series “Chuck”. Continue reading “Quantum Leap”