Bedside Detective

Bedside detective

A wanna be inventor who is indebted to loan sharks …

To be able to pay the loan shark he became a detective.

His job is to find evidence against cheating husband/ wife.

But one day  Mr. Detective falls inlove with his target…

Things became complicated…

A romantic comedy for every one…

Seven something

 seven something

Seven something

Every seven years something changes…  The movie is divided in 3 stories namely 14,  21/28,  42.195

14- – Love at the digital age… Teens now are social network creatures. They share almost everything in the social network. They shoot and upload, type and post. Where does the demarcation between public and private lies, when does cuteness ends and rudeness start… when we are in love do we need to show it to the world?  These is Puan’sand Milk’s reality… Continue reading “Seven something”

Love at 4 size


 love at 4size

Love at 4 size

A romantic comedy about 4 different story of love.  The story started in a rock festival and segues to the different lovestories….

The first story is about the high school hotty versus self proclaimed teen  heartrob. Can teen heartrob win the heart of high school hotty… Continue reading “Love at 4 size”