Immortal Lee Soon Shin Kdrama

Immortal Lee Soon Shin is Korean epic drama base on the story of Admiral Lee Soon Shin or Yi Sun-sin. Lee Soon Shin rose to fame during the Imjin war, the Japanese invaded Korean for the sole purpose that they will use the Korean peninsula as their focal point in their ambition inĀ  subduing the Ming Empire or China in modern times.

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Mr. Back Korean Drama

Mr Back is the story of Choi Go Bong, a hotel mongul and Eun Ha Soo a part timer, daughter of a dress maker. Choi Go Bong is a very cold man in his 70’s while Eun Ha Soo is less than half of his age. They first met while Choi Go bong is visiting one of his project and unluckily it rained that day and he fell. Eun Ha Soo saw him and lend a hand but Choi Go Bong as grumpy as he could be keep pushing and refusing her help.

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Pinocchio Korean Drama

A Pinocchio is a fictional syndrome in the series on which manifested as a person who will hiccupped nonstop upon stating a lie and will not stop to do so unless otherwise he/she corrected the lie that he/she had made.

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The heirs Korean tv series

If you love boys over flowers and a fanatic of Lee Min Ho then this is a much watch korean drama series for you. The story is about how the rich and famous grooms their heirs to be the perfect person to inherent their corporationsĀ  to the point of even controlling their love life. Continue reading “The heirs Korean tv series”