Clare R. Baltazar – Filipino Scientist

Clare R. Baltazar- Filipino Scientist


Dr. Baltazar has consistently maintained outstandingly high standards of achievement throughout her academic life. Her numerous publications on Philippine insects especially on the Philippine Hymenoptera are very significant to science for they lay the groundwork for future biological control in the Philippines. Her book Philippine Insects is the first authoritative text on Philippine insects. Other important contributions of Dr. Baltazar to science are the discoveries of 8 and one subgenus of Hymenoptera and 108 new species of the Philippine parasitic wasps.


For these achievement, Dr. Baltazar is well recognized here and abroad. In 1980, she received the Rizal Pro Patria Award in entomology.

source: Directory of academicians and outstanding young scientists

Pedro B. Escuro – Filipino Scientist

Dr. Escuro has made significant contributions to rice breeding, as plant breeder, Professor, extension worker, and consultant in agricultural projects. He provided leadership in the development, isolation, and release of nine seed board rice varieties: Milpal 4, HBD-2, Azmil 26 and C-22 (up-land) and C-18, C4-63, C4-137, C-168 and C-12 (lowland).

Dr. escuro has 18 honors and awards to his name. these include two Presidential awards, Presidential Plaque of Merit for outstanding accomplishment in rice improvement (1967) and Rizal Pro Patriac award for outstanding contribution to riceĀ  breeding and genetics. He is also recipient of the University of the Philippines Distinguished Professional award in agriculture (1973), and D. Sc. (honoris causa 1974) and the 1974 Ayala award in agricultural science.

source: Directory of academicians and outstanding young scientist

Edito G. Garcia – Filipino Scientist

Dr. Garcia has done work in areas of immunology and parasitic infections. Since 1979, Dr. Garcia has been conducting studies on the immunology of Schistosomiasis japonica especially on the development of vaccines. A hypothesis has been developed which enabled Dr. Garcia and his associates to identify an immunologic mechanism which leads to granuloma modulation and consequently disease abatement in schistosomiasis. To date 18 scientific papers on the progress of this research have been published in foreign journal and a vaccine against infection is being developed.

Dr. Garcia’s most important awards include: Distinguished Alumnus award for medical research, UP 1977, San Miguel Brewery Professorial Chair 1982, and the NRCP Achievement award for research on immunology 1984.

source: Directory of academicians and outstanding young scientist