Alodia scandal

For those who are really looking for an Alodia scandal or Alodia sex scandal, sorry to say that the currently circulating picture of miss Alodia in a very provocative position wearing only a necktie and lingerie is definitely due to the magic of photoshop.

The culprit? The Alodia Haters?  or The Alodia obsessed? Anyway for sure it will generate some buzz…..

Wait a few days and maybe a  nude pic or even pene type of picture will appear

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  1. Lunette Oakley Says:

    The first time a straight Labour activist called me this – on a gay pride march – was shocking. I’m sort of used to it now, but it still strikes me as bizarre, to be lectured on how to be gay by straight Labour boys wearing naff badges saying “Never kissed a Tory”. The point, as I told the last such idiot to talk to me in Brighton, is that you, mate, have never kissed a man. Love does not determine political ideology, and political attempts to own Love are as disgusting as the historical politics that attempted to force gay people to deny their sexual identity.

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