Scientific Attitudes

There are a lot of explanation or definition about scientific attitudes…  Scientific attitudes is not just for scientist per see. Scientific attitude is how a person or a predisposition of a person to  solve a problem or create  solution in a scientific way.

Here are some Scientific attitudes that one should poses to be able to be a effective researcher, scientist, teacher and inventor.

1.  Curiosity - He or she should show interest on how things work , questions its validity and seek alternative answer and questions.

2. Open mindedness - Accept every ideas even if it is contradictory to his idea and test it validity.

3. Objectivity - To show no particular bias to results , ideas and data. To show no subjectivity in any test, experiment he or she  conducted. What every the result records it truthfully.

4.  Honesty - To report all results truthfully. No manipulation of data should be done just to please benefactors, stockholders etc…

5.  Humility - being humble.

6. Creativity- Thinking outside of the box, creating new ideas and procedures.

7. Risk taker - To be able to accept criticism and to be misjudge.

These are just a few example of scientific attitudes.

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