Hayden Kho – Princess Velasco Scandal?

Hayden Kho – Princess Velasco Scandal?

This might have been the ground zero of all of this bruhaha. Who is Princess Velasco, according to gmanews.tv , Princess Velasco is the former executive assistant of Hayden Kho in Belo Medical Clinic.  During that time Princess Velasco was the girlfriend of Hayden Kho’s friend . Some blogs says that the friend mentioned is Bistek Rosario.  To make it short, dahil sa tulis ni Hayden naging sila din ni Princess Velasco. The affair was discovered by Bistek Rosario and he is the one who informed Vicky Belo of the sex scandals in Hayden’s laptop. So, Vicky Belo ordered Bistek Rosario and a certain friend of Hayden (Erik Chua) to get the said laptop/hardrive, Vicky Belo gave them the key to Hayden’s condominium. So, Bistek Rosario and Erik Chua went to the condominium took the laptop/harddrive and gave it to Vicky Belo.

The above story is just a rumor which is circulating the net.  Assuming it is true the possible suspect that released   the sex scandals are:Vicky Belo, Bistek Rosario, and Erik Chua. In terms of motive it is a tie between Vicky Belo and Bistek Rosario.  Bistek is a close friend of Hayden and just imagine how Bistek have felt when he heard the news about the affair of Hayden and Princess Velasco. Why, I include Vicky Belo, even though she is giving support to Hayden in terms of financial (allegedly) and emotionally, it is possible that she is just acting it out and she was really the one who released the video.


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13 Responses to “Hayden Kho – Princess Velasco Scandal?”

  1. sweetposh Says:

    i sooo agree.. who knows, bong revilla is just out there to hide the truth coz as far as he knows, belo is the culprit.. and he’s also protecting rufa mae from any videos that might be released if this wouldn’t be stopped.. 1 + 1 = 2!!!

  2. anonymous Says:

    Bistek should thanks Hayden, if Velasco is a woman that is trust worthy, she wouldn’t had an affair behind his back. At least he found out this aspect of her character before he married that Velasco.

  3. rdae Says:

    i personally know Bistek & Princess. they are very close friends of mine who can NEVER & will NEVER do something like this. i can personally attest that Bistek can never compromise his gf, his family & us, his friends by doing something like this. i think if Vicki-Hayden has some issues, they should resolve these by themselves & not drop names of innocent people.

  4. aa Says:

    how do you know? motive is their as ill-will. i mean their names has been all over the affidavits submitted in court. they should surface out to clear their names.

  5. Emy Beltran Says:

    Of course it’s Vicki Belo. I have said so from day one even before these other issues came to play. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Kawawa naman ang mga bata napaglaruan ng matanda.

    How does it feel to see a young stud who profess undying love and need and who tells you he does not really dig young women but that his type is the matured sensuos woman, only to see with your own eyes how much he relishes and enjoys sex with all those beautiful young women, the very thing that you have always feared. Wouldn’t you feel soooo insulted? the raw naked truth that you don’t want to face. you are OLD and he is only there for the money. sa tutoo lang narealize siguro ni Vicki finally na diring-diri pala sa kanya itong batang stud na ito. Di ba amoy lupa na siya? e balita ko e kasing tanda niya ang ina nitong si Kho! sinisira niya ang mga batang ito! Mangilabot naman siya !

  6. hidden kho Says:

    Possible din na mga anak ni Vicky ang naglabas ng video. Lumabas lang naman yun video nung na tsismis na nagkabalikan na si Vicky and Hayden Kho

  7. whatever Says:

    to RDAE… are you kidding me? will never do something like this. eh di pagsabihan mo kaibigan mo na si Princess dahil MALANDI sya at si Bistek dahil tanga sya to keep her! she should know better that Hayden will never take her seriously. Is she crazy…. eh sila ang naglaglag kay Hayden. In anger and haste, it is easy to revenge the fault of others. It is so easy to come clean and say sorry but in the expense of Katrina and Maricar in public ridicule either youre blind or plain stupid.

  8. kampi kay rdae Says:


    seriously, you need to take a look at what the issue here is.

    the issue is that Hayden secretly filmed all these women first and foremost. and then the videos being leaked is the 2nd.

    that Princess did or did not have an “affair” with Hayden is not biggest issue.

    You’re assuming it was Bistek or Princess or Erik that released the videos. I personally think it was Belo in her anger who did.

    so keep your stupid comments to yourself.

  9. okfine Says:

    I was just referring to RDAE’s association with Bistek and Princess and blog’s topic of ground zero. Siguro alam mo naman ang meaning ng ground zero? I agree Hayden should be punished to the full extent of the law, jailed even. Also, dont ever use the word “assuming” when you yourself use “personally thing”, isnt that contradictory?

  10. greg ledger Says:


  11. ilovetosendgiftstothephilippines Says:

    matindi tlga yang si hayden.. idol!hehe

  12. peachie_pie Says:

    oh my gosh…siya ba ang dahilan hindi ako makapaniwala..dahil i used to know princess velasco taong simbahan yan…

  13. pulutoy Says:

    idol kita hyden kakainggit ka!!!!!

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