Melecio S. Magno - Filipino Scientist


Melencio S. Magno

Dr. Magno has done studies on the absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy of crystals, specifically rare-earth crystals; effects of typhoons on the distribution of atmospheric ozone; sky luminosity; atmospheric radiation; gravitation; and the philosophy of science. He is a co-author of University Physics, a textbook in physics at the University of the Philippines.

Dr. Magno was UP Endownment Professorial Chair holder in physics from 1973-1976 and reciepient of a UNDP-WMO Fellowship in environmental physics and ozone research in 1974. He became Vice-President for Academic Affairs at the UP in 1975. In 1976, Dr. Magno was appointed Chairman of the National Science development Board (NSDB), and in 1978, when the NSDB became a ministry; he became the first Minister of Science.

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