Basic Meat Processing

Meat Processing means prolonging the shelf life of a meat product. It is primarily done thru inhibiting, destroying, or limiting bacterial growth. Although, meat spoilage could be cause by microbial, physical or chemical change also.

These are some procedures used in meat processing:

1. Drying = This is done by removil water / moisture in meat by means of the sun and air or by artificial means (heating chamber). If food have less moisture bacterial growth is inhibited. Example of product which used sun drying is Daing.

2. Salting = The principle is the same with drying. You need to take out the moisture from the meat product. By adding salt, it will absorb the moisture from the meat, hence, the proliferation of the bacteria will be inhibited.

3. Curing = the addition of a combination of salt, sugar and either nitrate or nitrite (salitre=potassium nitrate). Most meat producs fall in this category, tocino, longganisa, ham etc.

4. Canning = Meat is placed in an airtight can / container and it is heated to kill the bacteria.

5. Freeze drying = Meat is frozen then slightly heated to remove the water by sublimation.

This is just some and we will try to add more in the future.

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