Philippine Mango Ice Cream Roll

Philippine Mango Sweetest in the world

Although Mango originated in India , i could say that the Philippine Mango is the pride and joy of our country. It is sweet when ripe and sour and flavorful when unripe. Mango and Ice cream roll is a good combination.

Tips to win at iCube arcade machine

Icube machine by Sega is a fun machine to play. IT will let you feel that you can win but in reality the game is “rigged” . Even if you can align the “S” properly with the cube so it would pass through it will intentionally move the “S” a millimeter so you would hit the corner and impend you to win. IT will only stop on moving it when the machine hits it payout rate already. Payout rate is the number of plays or token needed before the machine gives out a prize. Payout rate is unfair but there are tricks that you can use to minimize your lost and probably win.

Tips and tricks

1. Never target an item which is just recently placed. If an item is newly placed it means someone have just recently won and payout rate will start from the beginning.It will take a couple of plays or tokens before you can win it.

2.Target the cheapest item , these items have the lowest payout rate.

3.Look for the sign that the specific cube/hole is due already to pay a prize. If you notice that “S” part is hitting the transparent part of cube it means it is already due to pay prize you just need to center the “s” properly to win. You can the video below for clarification.

LAMP for Rapid Detection of Common Pathogens causing disease in Swine


LAMP stands for Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification. It is a simple rapid, specific and cost-effective diagnostic tool that is based on the dna amplification method.

The LAMP method is comparable to PCR  (polymerase chain reaction) in terms of sensitivity and specificity. In contrast to PCR however, the LAMP method is less costly and less affected by the presence of non-target DNA and inhibitory contaminants. LAMP does not require sophisticated equipment and reagents. Also, it can be used with simple heating devise such as water bath or heat block. Because of its high specificity and visiual indicators of the presence of a pathogen (Notomi et al, 2000) the LAMP method is considered a potential tool for field diagnosis of swine diseases. Continue reading “LAMP for Rapid Detection of Common Pathogens causing disease in Swine”

Multi commodity solar tunnel Dryer

Multi commodity solar tunnel Dryer (MCSTD)

The Philippine commonly practices sundrying techniques in drying fish products. However, the process is a largely dependent on the weather and is very difficult during the rainy season.

Moreover, the traditional method usually yields products with high microbial load. The exposure to wind and weather is a relatively slow process and results to a bigger losses through spoilage, lack of uniformity in the final product and development of undesirable flavor.

The studying practice of small-scale producers diminishes the quality of the commodities being dried. The practice allows dust, flies and microorganisms to contaminate the products. Aside from its health hazards, the poor quality dried products fail quality standards and are unacceptable for export. Worse, many small-scale processors cannot afford the operation coast of commercial mechanical dryers. Continue reading “Multi commodity solar tunnel Dryer”